As a leading specialist of renewable energy solutions with an extensive product range from worlds leading manufacturers Herts Renewable Energy Solutions has been setting standards in energy technology with our aim to promote GREEN energy. We provide Solar PV Solutions based on customers requirements – this includes complete design, supply and handover of Solar PV systems. Furthermore our expertise, knowledge and innovative solutions make us a feasible choice for local and international installers. We are based in Hatfield Business Park, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom. Initially we started with providing our services in East of England and mainly London, over the years due to growing demand we now provide our services nationwide acrosss the United Kingdom.

Our strong technical skills and widespread knowledge by working practically on different products enabled us to focus on the distribution industry leading reneawble energy products mainly Solar PV. Since 2016 we have been trading with international Solar PV installers and Energy Consultancy Companies in developing countries like Pakistan, Middle East, Nigeria. However we welcome enquiries and interest from anywhere in the world and we aim to provide our services in terms of consultancy and supply of world leading renewable energy products and technologies. We believe in energy technology for everyone across the globe. At Herts Renewable Energy Solutions we are working day and night to provide cost effective and practicable solutions of solar energy for all sectors by turning effective ideas into reality.

At HRES what drives us in this challenging and technological field are our VALUES, TEAM & PASSION. These all have a major contribution towards our success in meeting client expectations.

  • VALUES: We stictly follow etchical practices in all our business dealings, being competent and reliable.
  • TEAM: HRES comprises of well-seasoned professionals with an extensive knowledge base and deep industry skill set, our Chief Executive having 40+ years fortunate experience in Energy Sector.
  • PASSION: We are confident and fervent that SOLAR POWER is an environmentally responsible solution to power our futures.

The Team,
Herts Renewable Energy Solutions LTD

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