SolaX X1 Hybrid single phase battery storage Inverter HV 5kW


Product description

SolaX X1 Hybrid single phase battery storage Inverter HV 5kW

Part No: X1-5000T Storage Systems – Hybrid Inverter

    X1-Hybrid HV Single Phase

    The third generation of the X1-Hybrid Storage Inverter is the latest to be released from SolaX and has a range of new features such as built-in EPS output that enables the end user to run off their batteries in the event of a power cut, Export Control making it possible to limit exported power and advanced connectivity making it suitable for grid-trading applications.

    Other features like easy remote access with monitoring using the SolaX app – Xcloud, makes it very user (and installer) friendly while the industry-leading 10-year warranty gives great peace of mind.

    Additional features:

    • High voltage battery support means thinner cables are required
    • 6kW Max charge/discharge
    • Wifi or LAN stick available separately
    • G100 Export Limitation compliant
    • Suitable for grid trading applications with less than 0.5s response time
    • Charging from grid possible

    Please note the minimum number of batteries per X1 Hybrid inverter is 1 and maximum of 3. Please note batteries need to be the same capacity, its not possible to connect both 4.5kWh and 6.3kWh to one inverter.