Victron Precision Battery Monitor 9.0 – 90VDC(2nd Bat input)


Product description

The Victron battery monitors precisely measure the power going in/out of the battery to exactly determine the battery state of charge.


  • battery voltage
  • charge/discharge current
  • amp-hours consumed
  • time remaining at current rate of discharge

Visual and audible alarms:

  • over and under voltage
  • and/or battery discharged

Includes 500A/50mV shunt as standard (M10 stud connectors) which is placed in the main negative cable to the battery being monitored , optional 2000A shunt available.

Includes programmable alarm or generator start relay.

The VBMV-702 adds the ability to connect a second battery for monitoring two battery systems.

  • 5 years warranty

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