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As one of the top five solar panel suppliers in the world, Trina Solar has a solid reputation and vast global distribution network across 30 countries. Founded in 1997, Trina is a fully vertically integrated company and one of the oldest Chinese solar panel manufacturers. Over the last few decades, Trina’s strong focus on research and development has led some great achievements, including 18 solar PV world records in cell and panel efficiency.

Trina Solar is one of the founding members of the Silicon Module Super League (SMSL), and regarded as one of the leading manufacturers using the latest innovations to produce cost-effective, reliable solar modules.


Trina Solar is ranked as one of the top Tier 1 solar panel manufacturers by Bloomberg New Energy Finance. Although, it should be noted that the Tier 1 ranking this is more a measure of a company’s financial stability, which is very important for large utility scale installations requiring long term project viability.

Like many of the large Chinese manufacturers, Trina Solar’s focus is on performance and value of money. Trina does not generally compete in the expensive, premium end of the market with the likes of LG (South Korea) and Sunpower (USA). However, Trina does offer some very high performance products including as the new N-type i-TOPCon panels, and advanced DuoMax Twin bifacial solar panels delivering an impressive 445W.

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Variety of Solar Panels

Trina solar manufacture a large range of solar panels for residential, commercial and utility scale installations, incorporating many of the latest cell technologies including bi-facial, half-cell, dual glass, PERC, and more recently N-type mono-crystalline cells.

The most popular model in the Trina line-up is the Honey range of panels. The Honey series was first released back in 2012 and are now available in a range of types and sizes up to 335W. For larger commercial and utility scale installations, Trina Solar offer a range of high voltage (1500V) larger format 72 or 144 half-cut cell modules in the TallMax and DuoMax bifacial range, with sizes up to 445W. Plus, Trina also offer dual glass options with 30 year performance warranties.